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We believe that the study of mathematics is extraordinarily important in our modern, increasingly technologically sophisticated culture. Without well-honed skills in and knowledge of mathematics, individuals are placed at a dramatic disadvantage in our society. It is very important that students see mathematics, and the calculations they perform, as part of their daily life. In order for students to calculate using the four basic operations(addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), they must first have developed basic concepts (including more, less, many, etc.), one to one correspondence, the concept of sets, and basic number sense.

This topic is intended to allow students to practice language skills, pronuncation, spelling, vocabulary, sentence formation, punctuation, recognizing parts of a sentence, different tense (past, present, future), etc., all of which are intended to provide the student with a good command of the language. A variety of worksheets are provided for practice to reinforce all the different concepts. The best way to learn is to practice with short timed worksheets on a regular basis, such as daily or every alternate day.

The subject of geography is very important for the child to learn about and appreciate the world that we live in. The student learns physical geography (continents, land masses, rivers, weather, etc), political geography (cultural, urban, transportation, etc), cartography and several interesting topics. This subject is best learned by a good textbook curriculum supplemented by regular practice worksheets that reinforce learning from the textbooks.