Top 10 reasons to practice everyday

1. Practice Makes Perfect: It is true for all fields of learning and not just for music and dancing.  There are many real life examples from all fields to show how practice revolutionized Top achievers’ performance. Practice can bring perfection in your kid’s performance in his class too!

2. Free resources online: Today, a large number of free resources are available online for practice. You can get free worksheets, lessons and even books online! Some online resources do charge but very nominal subscription fee and in that nominal fee you get a huge treasury of knowledge.

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Homework Over Vacation

If you surveyed most every parent you meet, they would tell you that they would like their child to have the best education possible.  They would like their child to attend a good school, filled with dedicated teachers and high standards for learning.  Most parents would also say that they would like their children to develop a love for learning and achieve as much as possible academically.

While all of those variables most certainly contribute to a student’s success, there is a great likelihood that students could achieve even more if they were learning during the three months of summer, and the two week long winter break that most schools have.

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Learning on a dime

The public school classroom cannot always meet all the needs of its gifted and talented students. Some of these students need an extra challenge and a chance to dig deeper into their learning than they can in their regular classroom. Learning shouldn’t stop at the end of the school day. Whether kids are looking for enrichment during the school year, keeping their minds active over summer vacation, or just want to continue to feed their love of learning, there is  plenty out there to help kids make the most of learning on their own time. With modern technology, it is easier than ever to access high quality learning resources for little to no cost. Continue reading